Frosty Houston

Jim M NakedI at
Sun Feb 13 15:22:05 CST 2005

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> I gotta go on record as saying I completely disagree with this "frosty 
> Houston"
> theory you (and Keets) are suggesting.

That's cool.

> Houston '75 is one of the most jovial
> & good-humored Who shows I've ever seen -

Really?  I mean, Moon's cutting it up, but other than that, what's so 

> & you're making it sound like
> Townshend & Daltrey were ready to come to blows!

Would that have been when I wrote, " They don't look like they're going to 
come to blows or anything..."?

> And why, after Pete has to have a *lyric stand* on stage, & after he 
> *flubs*
> said lyrics, you interpret his comment of "Now I'll hand you back to the 
> singer"
> as some sort of dig at Roger.....I just don't understand.  *He was putting 
> him-
> self down & complimenting Roger.*

Does that sound like Pete to you? He's mad at himself, so he decides to 
throw Roger a compliment? I'm not buying it.  Besides, he *knew* has was 
going to have trouble with the lyrics.  That's why he's got the stand in the 
first place.  It could be that he's annoyed at something to do with his 
equipment (he makes a comment about his guitar being out of tune), but he's 
definitely annoyed at someone.  If he was annoyed at himself, I think he'd 
be *more* likely to take a jab at Roger, like he does with the roadie that 
tuned his guitar.

> I hope you're not going to suggest next that when Moon calls John a 
> "horrible
> cretin" he was adding to the "frosty" atmosphere!

No, Keith's joking around the whole show.

Jim M 

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