Frosty Houston

Bruce bkawak at
Sun Feb 13 14:40:24 CST 2005

> I gotta go on record as saying I completely disagree with this "frosty 
> Houston"
> theory you (and Keets) are suggesting.  I think you're completely 
> misinterpreting
> the "However Much I Booze" exchange.  Houston '75 is one of the most 
> jovial
> & good-humored Who shows I've ever seen - & you're making it sound like
> Townshend & Daltrey were ready to come to blows!

The only one that doesn't seem so is John (hard to tell either way really, 
it's John!) and I think has more to do with him on his way to being 
completely plastered.  Remember he was arrested and put in jail just a few 
hours after the concert.

> Roger has often, throughout the Who's live career, "introduced" Pete 
> before
> or after Pete got to sing a live number.  I don't see how Pete would be 
> offended
> by Roger mentioning his name.

I agree and he always did the same for John.

> And why, after Pete has to have a *lyric stand* on stage, & after he 
> *flubs*
> said lyrics, you interpret his comment of "Now I'll hand you back to the 
> singer"
> as some sort of dig at Roger.....I just don't understand.  *He was putting 
> him-
> self down & complimenting Roger.*
> Why did Moon repeat the comment later on?  Just imitating Pete is my 
> guess.

Comic genius!  Most people would have long forgot a quick quip, yet Moon 
remembers making it a running joke. Roger laughs and puts him in a headlock. 
Moon is the star of this show.  It's too bad he doesn't have a mic, cause 
the crowd couldn't hear his jokes.  Then again as bad as he sings it's 
probably a good thing he doesn't. :)

> I hope you're not going to suggest next that when Moon calls John a 
> "horrible
> cretin" he was adding to the "frosty" atmosphere!

As Pete introduces John, Keith is screaming "Booo, Booo!"
When Pete mentions Boris has weird chords Moon screams "he's a weird 
person!" or something to that effect.
At the end of the show John grabs him by the collar and shakes him, but they 
are laughing.

All this was probably a normal goings on at shows.  There just aren't enough 
great recordings (audio & video) for us to notice it.


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