Frosty Houston

L. Bird pkeets at
Sun Feb 13 01:05:02 CST 2005

>I know there's nothing overt, so it's entirely possible I'm reading way too
much into it.  But, I definitely don't think it's as complimentary as you're
making out.  I think it was at least a playful jab.

Right, and the laugh was the return, making note that Pete had botched the 
song.  This was standard procedure, and it was still going on in 1989.  It 
wasn't until 1996 that the ice broke.

>The only other thing I
noticed was at the end of the show Pete walking right past Roger to embrace
Keith and stop John (who kept playing after everyone else stopped) and then
right past him again to leave the stage.  They look like they're completely
avoiding each other.  Does anyone else have this disc yet?  I'd love to know
what other people think.

I think this was business as usual in those days.  Notice that Keith and 
John pretty much igonre Roger, too.  It's a pretty cool relationship after 
we're used to the friendship that's going on now.

Actually there's not that much joy in general.  Pete is completely dour, 
John is stone-faced, and Keith is cutting up.  Roger only flashes one big 
smile, as far as I can see.  Maybe he was more serious about the frontman 
position then, but by 1982 the smile was everywhere, and it's continued to 
appear ever since.


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