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Sun Feb 13 00:38:19 CST 2005

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How would you measure your fandom for The Who, or what
you feel makes a real genuine fan?  How often you
listen to them, how much money you've spent on their
products, how many shows you've gone to, how many
albums (official, live, bootleg, compilations, obscure
releases, etc.), how much memorabilia you've got, how
long you've loved them, if you acquire everything with
one of their names on it, even if it's just a brief
guest appearance on a movie or someone else's album? 
Do you go out of your way to go to Who conventions or
attend memorial services on John and Keith's
Jahrzeits?  And are there any other things or people
you feel yourself a passionate hardcore follower of
the same way you are about The Who, or are they just a
band you like, not a band you feel the need to listen
to every single day or acquire massive memorabilia and
obscure album releases from?

Now that I'm past the initial passionate romance I
experienced in the first year or so I finally had
become a hardcore fan instead of the casual lawnseat
fan I'd been for my first about six and a half years
of liking them, I don't feel the need to listen to
them every single day; I know I still love them and
don't need to prove it, being secure in my fandom.  My
primary interest lately is my building of a library of
silent films, my favourite film genre, since my
settlement money has come in.  I'll probably buy
something Who-related with it eventually, like one of
their few albums I don't have yet (like 'Two's
Missing' or the full-length IOW from 1970, of which I
currently only have the video). 

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