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Sat Feb 12 19:06:27 CST 2005

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> I didn't get that feeling at all.  Everything looked normal to me.

I thought it *was* normal for them to be mad at each other!

> That was a humbling, self-deprecating statement on Pete's part, acknowl-
> edging that Roger is the better singer (and can remember the words!).
> After Pete says it, you can hear Roger guffawing in embarrassed gratitude.

I agree Pete was embarrassed at forgetting the words and I guess that *is* 
Roger laughing (I thought it was Keith).  But Keith certainly thought it was 
funny because he repeated it when he introduced Behind Blue Eyes.  To me it 
sounded like a little dig at Roger.  Like Pete didn't appreciate being 
"introduced" by Roger.  "I think they know who I am, Roger."  And then the 
"singer" comment was kind of a slap at him, reminding people he's "just" a 

I know there's nothing overt, so it's entirely possible I'm reading way too 
much into it.  But, I definitely don't think it's as complimentary as you're 
making out.  I think it was at least a playful jab.  The only other thing I 
noticed was at the end of the show Pete walking right past Roger to embrace 
Keith and stop John (who kept playing after everyone else stopped) and then 
right past him again to leave the stage.  They look like they're completely 
avoiding each other.  Does anyone else have this disc yet?  I'd love to know 
what other people think.

Jim M

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