Any Real Discussion?

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at
Sat Feb 12 14:54:14 CST 2005

>Scott Schrade schrade at
>> Helllooooo!  Anybody here?  Durn, there's an echo.
>> ;)
>I've been so damn busy as of late.....I'm only just now catching
>up on home computer stuff.

I hear that.
We finally got some good snow up here, and I've been lost in the mountains 
since Thursday.
I just got in and can't walk up stairs.
Doesn't matter.  As long as I can still lift 12oz. tonight, I should be ok.

>Anxiously awaiting the Petra Haden release.....

What am I missing?

Been really getting into Green Day's new album.  I've spent the better part 
of 3 days listening to that and Cake's new album while cascading through 
beautiful pine, birch, and maple trees.
Some really strong work there.  Green Day's power and aggression was just 
the perfect riding partner.  I was driven.
This album is really making a statement, and I'm hearing a bunch of chatter. 
Our local "alternative" station is playing huge chunks of the album, as has 
our local "eclectic" station.  No big publicity thing with Ipod, and 
commercials.  This one is getting around by sheer power of the music, 
message, and timely reflection of some strong anger from those not having a 
"redneck agenda."  No artificial hype and hysteria, just a wave of 
popularity made the old fashion way.....
I haven't enjoyed the power, the lyrics, the sentiment, of a new album in a 
long time.  The mix of West coast surf (Keith would've love it) with good 
ol' solid 'CD Truth' style old-school punk and driving rock is great.  Even 
a few nods to the Opera Who with a section that makes me think the repeat 
"Cello, cello, cello, cello" is about to begin.
I'm so happy about this.  It's giving me hope for the future of music.
Watch as Armstrong takes over where Cobain left off.  And then, marches 
right on beyond.
I've always had a "thing" for Greenday.  They got my attention when they 
first arrived, but I've always been waiting for them to finish pushing open 
the door (as long as *I* know what I mean, it's ok.)

I'm actually excited to watch the Grammy's, and hope (for all of our sake) 
that they sweep up, but good.

A couple of final thoughts....
1) Powder is good.
2) Take us back home Gov. Dean.  Take us back home.

Kevin in VT

- SCHRADE in Akron 

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