"Who's Next" Tribute band @ The Downtown, 2/11/05

Jason Hare jasonhare1 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 12 13:46:57 CST 2005

Last night's gig by the Who's Next Tribute band was, in a word,
unfuckingbelievable.  These guys ripped through Quadrophenia in its
entirety with an intensity I've never seen before.

Bill Cannell replicated Pete's guitar parts faithfully, and has his
tone and style down perfectly - he especially shined on
"Quadrophenia," the instrumental.  As usual, he led the amazing band: 
Dave, who is looking more like Roger every day (to the point where
it's freaking me out) and really nailed the majority of those tough
high notes (and let out an unbelievable scream at the end of "I've Had
Enough"); Will, who replicated John's bass parts to a T (sounding
especially beautiful during "The Real Me" and "Sea and Sand," although
I could have used more volume during the solo in "5:15"); and, of
course, Bobby - who, like always, just left my jaw hanging on the
floor.  As I've said before, he is Keith Moon incarnate.  His drumming
ability, his endurance, even his singing on "Bell Boy-" he's the only
drummer I've ever seen who makes me feel like I'm watching
Keith...without the horse tranquilizers.  :)  Seriously unbelievable.

The band was augmented by a sharp three piece horn section (extremely
crucial during Quad) and a fantastic acoustic guitarist, Chris, I
think - this guy apparently was called upon to do Quad just a few days
before BB King's, but you'd never know it.  He sounded unbelievable. 
Bill had told me beforehand how good their keyboardist Craig was, but
I didn't realize it until I actually saw and heard him.  This guy had
two keyboards and a multitude of really authentic Quad-era synth
sounds - I don't know how he played it all, but he did - and it was so
essential to Quad's success.

Not only was the band fantastic, but the sound at The Downtown in
Farmingdale really could not have been better.  The music was good and
loud, but not painfully loud, and the band was really in tune with one
another - musically, physically and emotionally.

And as always, it was wonderful to see Margaret & Gigi and Sara -
especially Sara - so nice to see you again - and the fact that it was
a Who/Queen Tribute "double bill" must have made you as excited as me!
 ("Almost Queen" were great - the band is okay but the guy playing
Freddie is unbelievable in vocals, piano, stance and looks - it's

All in all, it was an awesome gig and I'm so glad I had a chance to
see it after not being able to make the BB King's show.  I really hope
they continue doing Quadrophenia on a semi-regular basis - they have
worked so fucking hard to make it sound authentic to the original and
have done an amazing job.  If you haven't seen these guys and they
happen to be somewhere even remotely near where you live, drop what
you're doing and check them out.



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