Frosty Houston

Jim M NakedI at
Sat Feb 12 09:09:15 CST 2005

Does anyone else get the feeling that Pete and Roger were having one of their spats at the Houston '75 gig?  They don't look like they're going to come to blows or anything, but Pete looks like he doesn't even want to acknowledge Roger.  After However Much I Booze, Roger announces to the audience, "Pete Townshend."  Pete kind of sulks around for a minute then comes up to the mic and says, "now I'll hand you back to the singer."  Keith get's a kick out of that and laughs out loud.  A few minutes later he announces Behind Blue Eyes and jokingly uses the same line.  At the end of the show, Pete seems to embrace everyone but Roger (I think.  I'll have to check that part out again).

Jim M

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