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Palace Award for Rock Star Daltrey 

By Laura Elston, PA Deputy Court Correspondent 

He may have been accepted by the “Establishment”, but
rock star Roger Daltrey insisted today that The Who’s
songs were not quite the Queen’s cup of tea.

The 60-year-old lead singer said the monarch would
have “fallen off her podium” if his rebellious 60s
anthem My Generation had been blasted out at
Buckingham Palace while he collected his CBE.

Daltrey said afterwards: “She said I got this for my
music as well as charity work but I don’t think she’s
a rock and roll fan.

“She’d probably fall off her podium if she heard The
Who’s songs.

“A good blast of My Generation would go down quite
well now.” 

He said his award was “something to remember” adding:
“I still have criticisms of the Establishment but the
Queen is an exceptional woman. I think she’s amazing.

“You can criticise the Establishment but you can’t
criticise the Queen.”

The experienced performer was racked with stage fright
during the investiture.

“It’s nerve-racking. That’s why I prefer being in a
group,” he admitted.

Dressed in a black pinstriped suit and light blue tie,
Daltrey, wearing frameless glasses, said: “I’ve only
got one suit. I bought another one for this but it
turned out awful.

“I’m not a dressing-up person. I’m not that at all.
Only very special occasions get me in a bloody suit, I
tell you.” 

He was awarded his CBE for services to music, the
entertainment industry and charity.

Daltrey is patron of the Teenage Cancer Trust and has
raised more than £2 million for the charity by
organising concerts at the Royal Albert Hall.

He added: “I didn’t expect to get this. None of us
work alone so I accept this for those that don’t get

“I know there are criticisms of the honours system but
there would be of any honours. I am very honoured.” 

Daltrey, from Burwash in East Sussex, and guitarist
Pete Townshend are the only surviving members of The

Drummer Keith Moon died in 1978 and bassist John
Entwistle died in 2002 on the eve of a US tour.

Daltrey and Townshend met at school in west London and
formed a band together called The Detours.

The Who were formed in 1964 and were one of the
decade’s biggest rock bands.

They stormed the music scene in 1965 with I Can’t
Explain and went on to have a string of hits,
including Substitute, I’m A Boy, Happy Jack, Pictures
Of Lily, I Can See For Miles, Pinball Wizard and Won’t
Get Fooled Again.

Linked to the 1960s Mod fashion craze and Pop Art,
they adopted patriotic Union Jack graphics.

Despite reaching number two in the charts with My
Generation and I’m A Boy, The Who never achieved a UK
number one single.

But their forte was album sales and breaking box
office records, as well as their stage equipment, with
Townshend, like rock legend Jimi Hendrix, smashing his
guitar into the amplifiers.

Renowned for their live performances, The Who found
fame in the US and played both the Monterey Pop
Festival in 1967 and Woodstock in 1969.

Townshend created the rock operas Quadrophenia and
Tommy, and Daltrey took the starring role when Tommy
was made into a film.

The Who split in 1983 but have embarked on several
reunion tours.

Daltrey also had a solo career and has continued to

A new Who album, Who2, is planned and will be the
band’s first studio recording in 23 years.

Daltrey said: “It’s going very well. Once you’re in
there it all comes back to you. It’s going to be a
good album but it’s early days.” He was giving nothing
away as to when it would be released “It’ll be ready
when it’s finished,” he joked.

He was accompanied by wife Heather, sister Gillian and
six-year-old granddaughter Lily.

Daltrey later said his award was “something to

He added: “I still have criticisms of the
Establishment but the Queen is an exceptional woman. I
think she’s amazing.

“You can criticise the Establishment but you can’t
criticise the Queen.”

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