Houston '75.....Oh My!

Jim M NakedI at comcast.net
Mon Feb 7 09:47:14 CST 2005

----- Original Message ----- From: "Scott Schrade"

> The actual Houston '75 footage is wild.  Two cameras.  One, upper
> level left, OX-side - and one seemingly on the right-center side of
> the floor, fairly close.

I got this disc on Friday, too, and haven't had a chance to view the whole
thing because of a crazy weekend of work, and some football game.  I've
probably seen 2/3 of the concert footage, but none of the extra features.

I did want to mention how strange it was to see Baba and WGFA played without
any lighting effects.  They announce Baba and just sort of stand there,
fully lit, while the synth tape starts.  It seems so obvious that you should
let the intro's of these songs do the introduction.  But, hey, it's great to
have good quality earlier versions of them.

Jim M

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