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Roger Daltrey, Moonlighting - The Anthology
Adam Sweeting
Friday February 4, 2005
The Guardian 
(2 stars out of 5)

The Who's hair-tossing frontman was allegedly a
reluctant solo artist, but decided to have a go in
1972, during one of the Who's bouts of inertia. This
compilation evokes the perplexing range and wildly
erratic quality of the ensuing three decades of
He got lucky straight away by being introduced to
then-unknown songwriter Leo Sayer by pop wide-boy Adam
Faith. Sayer and Dave Courtney bashed out new songs
for Daltrey's first solo album, of which One Man Band
and Giving It All Away remain his finest moments.

For his second disc, whose title Ride a Rock Horse
provoked a hilarious sleeve illustration of Daltrey as
a breast-beating centaur, Rodge tumbled into
Overproduction City and disappeared under a landslide
of horns and backing vocalists.

Then came stuff like Bitter and Twisted, where he
sounds like Dennis Waterman after a long lunch, an
Artful Dodger version of Mack the Knife, the utterly
preposterous Lovers Storm, and a baffling rendition of
The Pig Must Die, from Mike Batt's musical The Hunting
of the Snark.

Stick with Pete Townshend, mate.

-Brian in Atlanta
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