Who TV - Fantastic Footage

Bruce bkawak at chartertn.net
Fri Feb 4 19:43:24 CST 2005

> care to elaborate? my video player dosen't work very well. 

About 90m
-TKAA movie trailer w/Ringo
-end of Real Me, Cut My Hair live 1997
-Gear walkthrough 1979 (from BBC documentery)
-Moon drum solo from In Concert (fish inside floor tom!)
-Boris Da Spider Who Convention 1995
-Don't Know Myself TOTP 1970 live vocal cut clip
-Moon Q&A from In Concert
-BB Eyes from LA 1989 video
-Free Me RD mid 80s TV show lip synch
-Give Blood PT video
-Naked Eye IOW 1970
-WGFA PT Secret Policeman's Ball
-Giving It All Away RD Musik Laden 1973
-I Can See For Miles bootleg Wembley 1989
-Greyhound Girl PT Lifehouse video 
Montage from TKAA & 30 Yrs. DVDs
-WGFA, Can't Explain, M. Bus, My Gen. Who RU
-BB Eyes PT Lifehouse video
-Pinball from Tommy the movie
-studio rehearsal PT, Rabbit, +, mid 80s
-Moon In Concert Q&A
-Bucket T recording in studio Swedish TV 1966
-Raging Moon RD same mid 80s TV
-Let My Love PT 1982 Prince's Trust live 
-My Gen. TV ad montage old clips
-Substitute RD w/Spin Dr.'s on Letterman show
-Pinball PT Tommy Cast party?
-Twist & Shout JAE on Gastank w/R. Wakeman
-Moon Q&A In Concert
-Give Blood Deep End band rehearsal
-Parting/Painless RD same mid 80s TV show

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