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It’s not always clear exactly what Petra Haden’s
trying to do vocally, but she surely has her own
technique and take on every number featured on Petra
Haden Sings: The Who Sell Out (Bar None). She
certainly does “I Can See For Miles” in a fashion
vastly different from almost any other cover I’ve
heard, though her voice is also often quite compelling
and hypnotic in a strange way. But then Pete Townshend
and his mates always did these songs in unusual ways
during live performances, so he’d probably find
Haden’s versions of “Our Love Was,” “I Can’t Reach
You,” “Sunrise” and “Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand”
very fascinating. This is the type of disc that either
grows on you during repeated listening or becomes even
more unfathomable. Haden recorded the tracks onto a
Tascam-488 8-track that adds a ragged and spontaneous
quality to the versions. She also cut these tracks
over a three-year period, something that is probably
responsible for occasional variances in tone and
sound. Overall, Haden’s work certainly immediately
catches and holds your attention. My personal
preference is to hear the originals, but she has
certainly come up with something unique.

-Brian in Atlanta
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