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Vinnie Jones Set for Johnny Was
By James Wray Feb 3, 2005, 14:19 GMT

Borderline Productions are moving ahead with feature 
"Johnny Was," starring Vinnie Jones.

The contemporary set film will follow an Irish ex-
paramilitary, Johnny (Vinnie Jones), who has left
Northern Ireland to live in Brixton, London. Against
developing racial tensions the movie will see Johnny
try to leave his past behind.

However, his plans are upset when two former
colleagues get out of prison and ask him to provide a
safe house. Given Johnny lives between a pirate Reggie
station and some Jamaican crack dealers his apartment
is not ideally suited to this purpose.

The movie will focus on the culture clash between the
three Irishmen and their Jamaican neighbors.

Samantha Mumba, Roger Daltry and Idris Elba have also
been cast with some further additions likely.

Mark Hammond is directing and filming is due to begin

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