Iron Man

L. Bird pkeets at
Wed Feb 2 23:22:53 CST 2005

>By the way, in Iron Man's plot I see two different stories, each one in a
side of the original LP. <snip> It means that for you to survive
healthy in ours society you have to exert temperance. Iron Man defeating
Dragon means that we, as a organized society, got to control the materialism
and consumerism (turn Iron Man in a friend) and got to put our behavior in a
moral and ethic way (freeing the Dragon of her perverted addictions).

Well, I've been over to Bill Keller's website to read the lyrics, and I 
guess I do see it, Tom.  It's there in the songs like "Fast Food" and "I Eat 
Heavy Metal," isn't it?  So, if the Iron Man eats machines and kills the 
consumer dragon, then he's going to send us back to a more naturalistic 
lifestyle?  However, it's still a bit understated, more in the titles to the 
songs than in the lyrics.


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