L. Bird pkeets at
Wed Feb 2 22:51:49 CST 2005

>Thanks for posting this.

Uh, you're welcome.  :)

>I poured over it (about 2/3s of the
way through it dawned on me that most of the songs sung
entirely by Pete on the record are really duets.   I have to
imagine that this would have been better received with a
*high profile* female vocalist singing along with Pete, both
on the record, and in the stage production.   I thoroughly
enjoyed seeing this live, and now I am encouraged by this
new discovery that this will one day make it to the stage
again, perhaps by someone other than Pete in the lead.

I took a quick glance at this when I posted the link and my first impulse 
was that this was a copy the script Pete toured with.  On closer inspection, 
it says it's written by Gibson Vendettuolii (johnlenonomusic at and 
that it's a "Mocumentary."  I don't have time to read through the whole 
thing right now, but it looks to be a screen play, rather than a script for 
stage.  Notice it gives camera shots, etc.

Since you're pretty far into it, do you think it's Pete's script?


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