Iron Man

L. Bird pkeets at
Wed Feb 2 22:40:33 CST 2005

>But success doesn't necessarily relate with music's quality. Sometimes it 
>does (and it's amazing when occurs), but very often it doesn't (please 
>watch on someday MTV to verify). Nobody knows the success's formula, 
>although some producers claim that, and the result is always very poor 
>musically (Madonna, Spears, Aguillera...)

This isn't quite music.  Isn't it more like entertainment with a heavy dose 
of sex?

>By the way, in Iron Man's plot I see two different stories, each one in a
side of the original LP. <snip> It means that for you to survive
healthy in ours society you have to exert temperance. Iron Man defeating
Dragon means that we, as a organized society, got to control the materialism
and consumerism (turn Iron Man in a friend) and got to put our behavior in a
moral and ethic way (freeing the Dragon of her perverted addictions).

Maybe I should get Hughes original story.  I agree that this could all be in 
there, but I just don't see it in Pete's lyrics.

There's nothing wrong with the lyrics, really.  My worst complaint about the 
album is that the way it sounds really isn't appealing to me.  It's been a 
while since I listened to it, and I don't even recall Pete's tracks.  
Roger's stood out, but that's all.


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