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> I don't know if the *script* is a transcription of Pete's
> album or the *real McCoy*.

Here's what the parent page says..
Read and review screenplays written by ScriptBuddy users. If you would like
to publish your screenplay here, click the "Publish" icon when your
screenplay is loaded in your ScriptBuddy workstation.

> This difference creates the possibility that if Pete
> actually had another strong female voice to the parts
> listed for Ruth, the meanings of the songs would
> pop-out more at you with greater impact, IMHO.

I didn't read the whole script, but I think Pete intended all of the songs
except Flame for Ray's character.  Now, if Moon was alive to play Rastus....

> Psycho-D is not quite opera, but it is a musical.  It
> has all the components and potential to work on
> a Broadway stage, also IMNSHO.

I'd love to see it, but I suppose any future projects based on this story
are out of the question, due to the pedophelia angle.  And, he'd need to
come up with some songs for the other characters.

> Jim, do you get my meaning, or are you going to go
> all *Freddy Mitchell* on me!   :-0

Oh, I've got something for you all right!

Jim M

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