Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Wed Feb 2 16:35:43 CST 2005

 >  Wasn't this just a script some wannabe playwright posted on the internet?


I don't know if the *script* is a transcription of Pete's
album or the *real McCoy*.

If you read the lyrics of the songs and who is supposed
to sing the various verses, (e.g.  Fake It, Now And Then,
Don't Try To Make Me Real) you may discover as I just
have that the story take on a slightly different twist.
This difference creates the possibility that if Pete
actually had another strong female voice to the parts
listed for Ruth, the meanings of the songs would
pop-out more at you with greater impact, IMHO.

Psycho-D is not quite opera, but it is a musical.  It
has all the components and potential to work on
a Broadway stage, also IMNSHO.

Jim, do you get my meaning, or are you going to go
all *Freddy Mitchell* on me!   :-0

Joe in Philly  

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