Iron Man

Tom Fency tomfency at
Wed Feb 2 06:38:40 CST 2005

But success doesn't necessarily relate with music's quality. Sometimes it 
does (and it's amazing when occurs), but very often it doesn't (please watch 
on someday MTV to verify).
Nobody knows the success's formula, although some producers claim that, and 
the result is always very poor musically (Madonna, Spears, Aguillera...)

By the way, in Iron Man's plot I see two different stories, each one in a 
side of the original LP. In the first half, we see Howarts discovering and 
making friendship with the Iron Man, a giant that eats steal and destroy the 
farmer's hardware. So the farmers will trap the giant in a big hole, with 
helping and betraying of Howard, as the song Dig describes. What is the 
symbol? I see Iron Man as a metaphor to the capitalist society (man makes 
machines that makes machines that makes man...), a system that creates 
wealthy (productions with high technology, as the Iron Man is by itself) as 
well poverty (unemployment and destruction of old technologies, as we see 
with farmers), a system that is scaring as well is astonishing. In the 
second half of the story we see the advent of the Dragon, a marvelous 
feminine entity that eats human flesh. What is the symbol? I think the 
Dragon represents the hedonism of western societies, a way of escapism and 
alienation linked with the materialism and consumerism of the mass 
production. And what means the fight between Iron Man and the Dragon? I 
think I got it other day in an insight. It means that for you to survive 
healthy in ours society you have to exert temperance. Iron Man defeating 
Dragon means that we, as a organized society, got to control the materialism 
and consumerism (turn Iron Man in a friend) and got to put our behavior in a 
moral and ethic way (freeing the Dragon of her perverted addictions).


>What I'm trying to discuss is why this isn't a more successful album.  I'm 
>a pretty big Pete solo fan, and if I think it's inaccessible, then we're in 
>bad shape here.  The different voices don't blend to make this a cohesive 
>whole, either.  I think Pete should have let Roger sing the whole thing.

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