Reviews of Roger's Moonlighting (aka Just A Boy)

L. Bird pkeets at
Wed Feb 2 05:20:41 CST 2005

Repost from TheShout:

>I know this is due for release shortly, but Moonlighting has been getting a 
>tremendous amount of airplay these last few days on various radio stations, 
>a few local, but moreso on Virgin.

I was in Virgin yesterday and they played a live version of WGFA. Amazing 
sound, not quite sure who was playing with him, but what really grabbed me 
was the body language of other shoppers while it was playing. They were 
definately Sharing the Groove.

I'm not really one for going out and buying anthologies or collection discs, 
but I have got to get this one, even if only for WGFA.

>Roger's Moonlighting its a really good compilation, one of the few Ive 
>bought, and I bought it for cd 2 - the odds and sods from the solo career, 
>which had some stuff I hadnt heard before.

Nice package and good liner notes from Ed Hannel

THE WGFA is from Boston(?) 85 and its a shame they didnt include all the 
tracks from the singles (Pictures of Lily and 5:15 are missing) -(Im a who 
fan I aint ever satisfied).

The soundtrack material is mainly quite forgettable.

Baba from the Ronson concert - i hadnt heard before and is pretty damned 

Rocks in the head tracks - never bothered with this, but after hearing the 
tracks might have to look up a copy.

Born to run - pretty good, even he suffers a senior moment and forgets the 
first line.

A second Out - the new demo. I Like it would probably work pretty well from 
a band arrangement and a certain big nosed geezer supplying some guitar work 
in a BBE style (I know its not saying much but the best thing hes written)

well worth the £10

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