Iron Man

L. Bird pkeets at
Tue Feb 1 20:24:08 CST 2005

>>Excellent theme, but still it's hard to pull this out of the lyrics.  The
>whole thing is so understated that it's obscure--inaccessible.

>Inaccessible if you either can't read or are just too stubborn to read the
liner notes!

What I'm trying to discuss is why this isn't a more successful album.  I'm a 
pretty big Pete solo fan, and if I think it's inaccessible, then we're in 
bad shape here.  The different voices don't blend to make this a cohesive 
whole, either.  I think Pete should have let Roger sing the whole thing.

>All I know is what's in the movie "Sylvia."  Going solely by that, I'd find
it hard to believe that Hughes could write a character that's a beautiful,
innocent girl trapped in the body of flesh-eating dragon without thinking of
her.  At the end, the dragon explodes scattering jewels over the whole
world, much as Sylvia left her poems.  How could this character *not* have
something to do with her?

I'll agree with that.  I can't imagine that someone with Hughes capacity as 
a writer would leave someone like Sylvia out of his work.  In the years 
after her death, he was heavily criticized for his silence about her, but 
I'll bet many of his critics missed unnamed references like these.


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