Rock Hall's "Night School" Who Lecture

Scott Schrade schrade at
Sat Apr 30 16:53:34 CDT 2005

> I went too, but I had a lesser impression of the proceedings. 

Your impression may be more accurate as I was just excited
to be attending a lecture on The Who.  There *was* a bit of
hokeyness to it.  Did you pick up the handouts?!

> For the most part, it seemed like a bunch of guys trying to one-up 
> each other with their Who knowledge (of which I was guilty myself). 

Really?  I didn't feel that.  The audience participation didn't go
overboard, IMO.  And, as for Who fans trying to show off &
profess their knowledge....?  Aren't we all Mods at heart?
Trying to establish our first-class ticket rankings?   ;-)

> The only thing I learned that I didn't know before was when 
> Scott corrected the stuttering myth. I had always heard that Roger 
> stuttered because he had trouble reading the lyrics the first time 
> and they liked it and kept it. 

Well, anyone who purchased an early printing of Richard Barnes'
book MAXIMUM R&B knows what's what.  Those editions 
contained a "flexi-single" (remember those?) of Pete's demos of
"Pinball Wizard" & "My Generation."

The "My Generation" demo (the second of Pete's attempts) *does*
contain the stuttering (albeit to a lesser degree) & also the bass
solo breaks (sounding like Pete simply playing the low E on his
acoustic guitar).  This demo has never been officially released,
IFIRC.  Unless you count the book.

> Scott, do you have a goatee and were you sitting in the back? 

That was me!  I can't believe you were there & we didn't speak.
We'll catch up at the next one....

> I was the guy who told everyone they should get the TKAA 
> DVD just to watch the "John" channel on Baba and WGFA.

I remember!

> since it is hard for me to get out on weeknights and I have the 
> records and videos, I could have skipped this one. 

You're right there.  If you're a pretty solid Who freak & were going 
hoping to learn nuggets of new information, you would've been

> I'm not going to the Murray Lerner, but am going to try real hard 
> to get to the Marsh, Stamp, and Stein lectures. 

I'll be in contact before those shows so we can set up plans to

> I'm going to see the exhibit Monday afternoon, so I'll report back 
> on whether or not they did a good job with it.

Definitely do that.  Someone on another list said it focused too much
on the 1975 TOMMY film.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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