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Sat Apr 30 10:35:58 CDT 2005

Jon Astley, tape archivist and reissue producer for The Who, has been busying himself working on the catalogs of Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle and Keith Moon for remastered CD reissues, with hopes of getting them out in the spring or summer to coincide with The Who’s new album. Pete Townshend’s solo catalog is also said to be in the planning stages but is a bit more extensive and complicated. Sanctuary has reportedly secured the rights to the Daltrey/Entwistle/Moon catalogs in the U.K., with the Universal Music Group being a good bet for America. Meanwhile, Astley tells ICE that he’s commenced work on a three-disc Who anthology DVD, either for Christmas this year or sometime in 2006. It’s still very sketchy, but one approach being seriously considered has vintage video material interspersed with present-day appearances by the living band members and perhaps actors. "They’re not sure how they’re going to portray Keith and John," Astley says. "They’re talking about different ways of
 doing it." As for the vintage footage, "One of the DVDs will have a lot of previously unreleased stuff on it," he continues, "…some from 1969, some of it 1978-79, and we’re looking at what else we can find from between those two dates.

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