Rock Hall's "Night School" Who Lecture

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Fri Apr 29 10:30:04 CDT 2005

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lewinski at writes:
>>I'd love to go.  May 4th is definitely out,
as I have an event with my children,
and while I would like to be there for Marsh on
May 11th, I'm already committed to a meeting.
May 18th with Chris Stamp is the only possibility.<<

Being just down here in Columbus, I am thinking seriously about attending the 
11th, 18th, and/or 25th.

I'm thinking most seriously about the 25th, and bringing my girls. They and I 
have been to Rock Hall, but not since 1999. They're older now and would 
certainly find it cooler than they did then. In fact, my oldest daughter wears 
several of my Who tee shirts from high school which I've, um, now found have 
shrunk in the intervening years. Damned laundry. LOL.

I may also go on the 11th by myself. Anybody know...will Dave Marsh be 
available to sign stuff? I'd like to get my copy of  BEFORE I GET OLD signed, even 
though I disagree with Dave on several points about the post-Moon Who.

Boy, and June 1 looks good, too, with Jeff Stein.

And who says Ohio is boring!

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