Rock Hall's "Night School" Who lecture

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Fri Apr 29 06:57:43 CDT 2005

>What is going on in Cleveland Jon? Sandy
At the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (In Cleveland) there is a Who Tommy  
exhibit this year.  As a part of this, this spring/early summer there are  weekly(?) 
Who subjects of interest with people that are related to the Who in  some 
fashion.  It'd be cool to meet someone such Chris Stamp (one of their  managers 
from the jump) and hear the stories or to go the week (6-1-5) that Jeff  Stein 
(the dude that made the TKKA movie) is there.  I don't know the  schedule of 
all the slated events offhand, but Scott posted it earlier.   Maybe he would be 
so kind as to remind us?
My thought is that since the band isn't touring, this'd be a great time to  
meet there when we can and wear Scott out.  He's got all in the time  in the 
world it seems.  Ya know, I think it might not be a bad  idea to have Scott 
bring his personal Who collection up there and put on his own  lecture!  I'll call 
The R&R HOF folks and try to set that  up...
-And Chris actually lives in Cleveland! He probably knows right where  
Hornblower's is at.  
Hornblowers. ha  "Honey, where were you all night?" 
"Aww, you know we was up at Hornblowers, toot! toot!... huh? Ow! hey,  let go 
of my hair!"
Jon in Mi.

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