Rock Hall's "Night School" Who Lecture

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Thu Apr 28 22:20:21 CDT 2005

 >Hey Joe,

 >Seeing how you're just one state away and I'm one state away, and there
ain't no tour...How's about we meet Scott and whoever else is cool enough 
to go
and see one of these here shindigs in Cleveland?  Cars go wherever you  point
them it seems.

-And let us know how you like Scott's post!  I dug it. Man.


I'd love to go.  May 4th is definitely out,
as I have an event with my children,
and while I would like to be there for Marsh on
May 11th, I'm already committed to a meeting.
May 18th with Chris Stamp is the only possibility.

Calendar link:

What dates are you thinking about?

Scott, I loved your report, and the fact that you
spoke up and set the record straight puts you in
the inner circle.   Is Stamp actually going to be

I would seriously consider going on the 18th.   The Dave Marsh nightlooks 
good too.   Scott are planning a full matriculation for a
Bachelor of Arts degree in The Who?

Joe in Philly

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