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How we got together: 'Who' wrote book of love

(April 28, 2005) — Ami Shah and I met last June
through an Indian dating Web site. She lived in
Chicago, and although I was traveling there quite
often for work, she was on assignment in London. When
we finally met in person in November, we went to a
wedding together in Minneapolis, and it was just
magic. We spent every weekend together after that, and
Ami started looking for positions in Rochester. (She
took a job at Bausch & Lomb and moved here this

We knew we were meant to be together, but I needed a
big surprise to seal the proposal and give her "the
rock." In February, David Fishof's Rock and Roll
Fantasy Camp in Los Angeles provided me with that
opportunity. This is where normal people pay to play
in a band and rehearse with rock stars, then play in a
"battle of the bands" at The House of Blues in Los

The headliner was Roger Daltrey, lead singer for The
Who. During the performance at The House of Blues, he
sings a Who song with every band. (Our band got to
play "Can't Explain." On Feb. 20, Good Morning America
aired a 30-second clip of me singing harmony and
playing guitar.) 

Being a big Who fan, I contacted the camp to see
whether Mr. Daltrey would help me propose to Ami. What
transpired was a great moment. Mr. Daltrey was very
gracious. He helped me concoct a reason to bring Ami
to the stage in front of the crowd of a few hundred so
I could propose. Ami and I are looking at wedding
dates and plan on settling down in Rochester and
contributing to this community that has been so good
to me over the last seven years. 

— Kamesh Nagarajan of Rochester 

-Brian in Atlanta
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