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Wed Apr 27 22:22:46 CDT 2005

Yo. Ahoy, Ya'll,
I just finished watching the Mansfield II DVD, the last American show of  the 
2002 tour.  I've heard it many times on the encore cd, but this is the  first 
time watching it.
What surprised me was the bonus interviews of Pete and Roger. These  were 
probably recorded in the summer of 2004.  They began by speaking  of their 
reactions to John's death....  Pete said that he completely cut  off his emotions 
because if he didn't he couldn't go on.  
Some things that struck me:
Roger stated that "the other guys don't matter because the chemistry is  
between us" (Pete and Roger)
Pete said that he didn't know if the album was going to be recorded as a  
band or as him and Roger with whoever.
They both seemed quite enthused about where they are at as the Who and know  
that it is better than at other times.  Both stated the importance of Zak  
Starkey and both said that he has not Keith's brilliance, but that doesn't mean  
that he doesn't have his own.
I hate Oasis.
There's no such thing as an interview by either of these men  that's not 
interesting. As such,
these need to be viewed by anyone that claims to be a Who fan. 
That means you!  We'll have much to talk about.
Jon in Mi.

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