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I think that's "her fella's gonna kill me". But you know what has always troubled me about "Water"? What the heck is the live verse that seems to start out "Samson seems sort of sweaty.."? What is Roger saying, and did he come up with those words or did Pete? In Whotabs, Litgo uses:

"Samson seems sorta sweaty
The draftsman they smudged their work
The captain of a ship is swimming
Then just wore off a keen bank clerk"

with a question mark in parentheses, but I'm not so sure about lines 2 and 4. Anybody got any ideas?

-Chris in Cleveland

P.S. Scott I have to get back to you on the bars by the Rock Hall, because I don't go to any downtown, but I know there are a bunch of them nearby in the Flats.

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> To me, the teen "id monster" best appears in Dr. Jimmy: "Who is she?
> I'll rape it".  There's id for you.

Great example.  Same attitude, expressed much more naturally.  Just as blunt
and crass, but somehow less hokey.

> The line in question just strikes me as a very labored attempt to
> wedge in yet another rhyme for "water".  It doesn't scan and it's
> difficult to parse -- "There's not one of us who'd say no" even
> figure out what it means.  I'm not saying it's incomprehensible, I'm
> saying it doesn't flow nearly as well as I expect from Pete.

OK, but it's just as cheesy in the verses where it's sung "we need water,
and maybe somebody's daughter."

> Then there's the weird mention of the unnamed, anonymous parent --
> the "somebody" off in the wings somewhere.  Generally, guys who are
> out howling to meet a girl at a Who show aren't really interested in
> thinking much about her parents.

"Her father's gonna kill me, oh, fucking will he?"

Jim M

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