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Jim M NakedI at
Wed Apr 27 12:57:29 CDT 2005

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> To me, the teen "id monster" best appears in Dr. Jimmy: "Who is she?
> I'll rape it".  There's id for you.

Great example.  Same attitude, expressed much more naturally.  Just as blunt
and crass, but somehow less hokey.

> The line in question just strikes me as a very labored attempt to
> wedge in yet another rhyme for "water".  It doesn't scan and it's
> difficult to parse -- "There's not one of us who'd say no" even
> figure out what it means.  I'm not saying it's incomprehensible, I'm
> saying it doesn't flow nearly as well as I expect from Pete.

OK, but it's just as cheesy in the verses where it's sung "we need water,
and maybe somebody's daughter."

> Then there's the weird mention of the unnamed, anonymous parent --
> the "somebody" off in the wings somewhere.  Generally, guys who are
> out howling to meet a girl at a Who show aren't really interested in
> thinking much about her parents.

"Her father's gonna kill me, oh, fucking will he?"

Jim M

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