bagging on lines

Alan McKendree amck at
Wed Apr 27 11:55:43 CDT 2005

>Alan writes:
>"And as long as we're bagging on specific lines, "I'm sure there's not one
>of us here who'd say no/To somebody's daughter" always makes me roll my
>I disagree.  I always found that line quite humorous and irreverent.  It
>tapped into that teen "id monster" that The Who so marvelously exploited.

To me, the teen "id monster" best appears in Dr. Jimmy: "Who is she? 
I'll rape it".  There's id for you.

The line in question just strikes me as a very labored attempt to 
wedge in yet another rhyme for "water".  It doesn't scan and it's 
difficult to parse -- "There's not one of us who'd say no" even 
figure out what it means.  I'm not saying it's incomprehensible, I'm 
saying it doesn't flow nearly as well as I expect from Pete.

Another's so muddled that when Roger says, "I'm sure 
there's not one of us here who'd say no/To somebody's daughter" and 
Keith and the others shout "No!", what exactly are they saying No to?

1) Somebody's daughter

2) The assertion that there's not one person who would say no to 
somebody's daughter

3) The statement that there IS one person who would say no to 
somebody's daughter.

I believe 3) is what they're actually saying no to, but if they 
agreed with the line as written, they should all be shouting "Yes!", 

Then there's the weird mention of the unnamed, anonymous parent -- 
the "somebody" off in the wings somewhere.  Generally, guys who are 
out howling to meet a girl at a Who show aren't really interested in 
thinking much about her parents.

It's just a mess.

"the average Texan...carries not just a gun but a SHOTGUN."
     --Pete Townshend, 1967

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