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Wed Apr 27 08:19:09 CDT 2005

>From: "Scott Schrade" <schrade at>
>Subject: Re: New Song and New Album
>Not me.  I like PW's lyrics.  Well-crafted, IMO.
>Kevin O.'s got your back here, I'll bet.

Actually, no.  Pay up.
I like the lyrics.
As you say...."well crafted."
And, the guitar work and overall feel of the (overplayed) song is
driving and motivating.
It's not a wonder they continue to play it live.

It's the fact that Pete went out of his way to make the song to simply
please a critic that always irked me a bit.
Pete compromising his art for sales and popularity?
Never!  ;-)

Jim M. cringing again....

My 2 cents... keeps licking my nose....  Just weird and not up to par
with Pete's average lyrics (although the song has always, and continues
to be a fan favorite.....go figure.).

Sunrise.....absolutely beautiful lyrics that really paint a picture you
can feel in your bones.  BUT IT DOESN'T ROCK!
Ha!  Just kidding.  I think.  Kind of.  
I dunno....just seems so sappy....even for Pete.  Boo-hooey-hooo.
Plus, was it really written for his mom???  E.....U.

WAY song.....great.
WAY album....acquired taste.....doesn't take too long to acquire it

My least favorite of all Who songs (ummm....that's a bold
statement....ummm.....ok, one of my least favorite of all Who songs....)
Did You Steal My Money.
Should have ended up in the trash.
Who gives a rats butt if he stole your money????  And, how many times do
you have to ask...without a return answer....before you pop the bloke in
the nose???!!!  Where ya balls, Pete????

Ahhh, to have such critical license to rip Pete's songs apart.
Going home now to pay homage and ask for forgiveness at my Who/Pete

I have guilt!

Kevin in VT

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