new song and new album

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Tue Apr 26 19:39:15 CDT 2005

"So it's non-Who, with the stops and starts? Big deal? They're not allowed to 
play something a little unusual? I don't get this."


No, not at all.  In fact, the tempo changes in Who songs are somewhat of a 
signature.  BUT, the rhythm of New Song just doesn't work for me as a Who song.  
The Who used a number of tempos during its creative days, utilizing Pete, 
Keith, and John's immense rhythm talents, but New Song falls out of the rhythms 
that I prefer to hear from The Who.  It sounds like some other band's schlocky 
pop song with Daltrey on vocals.  It has a few minor parts that I enjoy and 
are worthy of The Who, but the rest just leaves me empty.  Plus the stops and 
starts, in the particular way Townshend uses them, keeps the song from flowing 
properly, IMHO.


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