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Scott, I agree "Sister Disco" is tremendous. The keyboards on the last verse alone elevate it to greatness, but "Put the Money Down" and "Now I'm a Farmer" are killer! I can't see how you would rate them so low. Listen to Roger's vocals on PTMD. I don't think there's a better performance anywhere. NIAF is classic Who with the Moon rolls, the driving Townshend acoustic rhythm, and the offbeat humor.

By the way, are you going to make any of the special events at the Rock Hall? I think I will try to catch the Stamp and Marsh ones at least.

-Chris in Cleveland

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> Sister Disco is the worst piece of rubbish that TheWho-> ever did 
> up to that time....


"Much Too Much"
"It's Not True"
"Faith In Something Bigger"
"Put the Money Down"
"Now I'm a Farmer"
"Squeeze Box"
"They Are All In Love"
"How Many Friends"

....are all quite inferior to the majesty of "Sister Disco."

- SCHRADE in Akron

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