New Song and New Album

Dereck Evans delbut98 at
Tue Apr 26 03:21:56 CDT 2005

> Squeeze
> Box comes close to being naf but it has a musical
> quality you can't ignore.

Oh yeah, I can.  Bleah.

And as long as we're bagging on specific lines, "I
sure there's not one 
of us here who'd say no/To somebody's daughter" always
makes me roll my 

Take your point.

As we are all on this subject; anyone else cringe at
most of the lyrics in pinball wizard?

Again, i find this song over-rated. It's just plain
daft. I know it's an importnat point in the story

This is another song i wouldn't mind not hearing at a
Who gig ever again; along with Pete's solo Drowned.
Much better with the whole band. 

I have been watching The Houston Summit show 1975 and
the set has this, along with dreaming from the waist,
however much i booze and i think they should play
these now.

I know Pete hates playing Dreaming (and sister disco,
come to that) but they are good songs.

Prehaps Pete should play Blue Red And Grey solo to
compensate his ego.

Gone off thread here a bit.


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