New Song and New Album

Scott Schrade schrade at
Mon Apr 25 18:51:46 CDT 2005

> For example....Sunrise....from TheWho->SellOut is the most amazing piece
> of musical genius...both lyrically and the progression. Far more complex 
> than anything else on the LP by far...yet.....many here have offered the opinion 
> that it is among their least favourites....


"You take away the breath I was saving for sunrise?"

Cor....I expect syrupy lyrics like that when I'm listening to my Olivia Newton-John

> probably because it doesn't "rock!"

Har, har.  Not in my case.  I just don't fancy the melody in "Sunrise."  Nor the

> I don't give a piss whether a song "rocks" or not!

Good for you!  I'll mail you your Olivia Newton-John comp right away!  You'll
swoon over her version of "Summertime Blues" (which rocks, BTW).

- SCHRADE in Akron

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