New Song and new album

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Mon Apr 25 17:45:58 CDT 2005

AEB writes:
Sister Disco is the worst piece of rubbish that TheWho-> ever did up to that


I laughed aloud at this.  New Song is the most artificial, antiseptic, 
overly-techno pop-driven song The Who has ever done, and it's rhythm is incredibly 
non-Who.  This song belongs as track #7 on a Daltrey album.  Notice that Sister 
Disco made it into the live set while I don't believe New Song did.  Music 
Must Change--> now THAT'S a decent song.  It's what New Song tried to be but 
fell woefully short and into a song that couldn't decide if it was pop or 
alternative.  Sister Disco has the driving rhythm similar to Dreaming from Waist with 
the synthesizer backing and the signature Who tempo change on the break.  It 
let the members of The Who do their thing and took a sarcastic poke at the 
disco scene.  New Song is Townshend holding John, Keith and himself back, which 
is why it wouldn't work live.


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