New Song and New Album

An English Boy peter_dennis_blandford_townshend at
Mon Apr 25 16:45:40 CDT 2005

>>The live version they played with Jones in 79/80 was far superior to the
>studio release. As was MUSIC MUST CHANGE.

>It might be time to bring back "The Music Must Change."


As a songwriter I look at many different aspects of a song when I listen to 
and in so doing, it appears that I dislike many of the songs people seem
to favour in general.

For example....Sunrise....from TheWho->SellOut is the most amazing piece
of musical genius...both lyrically and the progression. Far more complex 
anything else on the LP by far...yet.....many here have offered the opinion 
that it
is among their least favourites....probably because it doesn't "rock!"

I don't give a piss whether a song "rocks" or not!

All that said, I find Sister Disco and Music Must Change to be awkward 
and lethargic lyrically....VERY difficult to listen
embarrassment to Pete's other accomplishments.


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