Whotabs updated 24 April 2005

litgo litgo at aol.com
Sun Apr 24 11:26:01 CDT 2005

Here are the latest updates at Whotabs:

Tablature updates
    - Give Blood ~ Revision
    - Evolution ~ Revision - full tablature
    - The Punk Meets The Godfather ~ Revision
    - New request list on homepage

Equipment updates

    - Pete's gear:
          - Pete's Endorsements & Signature Series & Endorsements
                + Renamed and reorganized page.
                + Revised Gibson SJ-200 Signature information, first 150 
guitars feature Pete's personal signature.
                + Added new signature item: the Pete Townshend Gibson 
Signature Les Paul Deluxe.
          - Pete's Vox AC-100 amps ~ Added interal and external photos 
of a generic Vox AC-100 MkII amp
          - Hiwatt CP103 ~ New internal/external photos of a 1969-era 
Hiwatt DR103 featuring the same mods as The Who's pre-CP103 amplifiers 
from 1969. (Please note: not verified as a Who-owned amp.)
          - Fender Telecasters ~ Closeup photo of three-pickup 
Telecaster model from TV promo appearance in 1966.
    - John's gear:
          - John's Endorsements & Signature Series ~ Added new signature 
item: Lakland Fenderbird, plus more details on Warwick Buzzard editions.
    - Keith's drumkits:
          - Keith's Champagne Silver Premier kit ~ New photos and 
whereabouts information.
          - Keith's Zickos kit ~ New photos of Keith playing this kit in 
          - Keith's Borrowed kits ~ New borrowed kits: A Premier kit 
used for recording Tommy; an early Premier kit; The Beachcombers-era 
borrowed kits; a Rogers kit.
          - Keith's Early kits ~ Keith's first Premier 55 kit.
    - PA and foldback ~ Internal and external photos of a rare generic 
Vox 50-watt PA

Whotabs is at http://www.thewho.net/whotabs/



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