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Sat Apr 23 20:07:40 CDT 2005

"TOMMY wasn't released on the heels of Pete having been dragged into a legal 
proceeding regarding accessing a child porn site.  If you can't see the 
difference in that, no point in having this conversation."


No need to get aggressive and snippy.  No comparison is going to be EXACTLY 
the same.  Of course there is a difference.  But in 1969 an album with a kid 
who gets physically and sexually abused and sent to a hooker who gives him LSD 
was, I'm guessing, a bit more controversial than "Real Good Looking Boy."  I'm 
pretty sure there was more angst from record execs over Tommy's subject matter 
than there was over RGLB.  They didn't want Tommy, but another set of radio 
tunes.  Pete and Kit stuck to their guns despite the pressure b/c it was what 
was IN Pete at the time and what came out of Pete.  Same with RGLB.  This was 
what came out of him once inspired to tell part of the story of his childhood.  

I want Pete writing w/o having to second-guess himself.  Maybe he could have 
come up with a better title, like "The Ugly One" or "Take a look at Me," but 
it's tough to tell a true artist to censor himself.  As it turns out, the title 
ruffled few feathers and actually signalled to the world that Pete was moving 
forward despite the legal troubles.  In true Pete fashion, he wasn't going to 
let his legal issues keep him from creating what he wanted to create.

If you check the archives, I was one of the first to slam Pete for the title. 
 All I needed was another reason to have to defend Pete.  But once I heard 
the song and got a chance to experience it live, I changed my mind.  Pete won me 


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