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Sat Apr 23 14:44:12 CDT 2005

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> >I want to hear BOTH OF THEM sing it.  After all, isn't a  collaboration
> >point of a Who album?  I was disappointed that  neither of the recent
> >had had any audible harmonies from Pete.   And, of course, some of Pete's
> >songs are better with him singing lead.
> Good point, Keets.

Yes, they certainly are.  Last year's songs would have benefited hugely from
more prominent backing vocals, or maybe even a verse with Pete on lead a la
Naked Eye. This is the sort of thing we won't get if the two are never in
the studio together.

> Some things go better together better than they  do separately.  -Like a
> sausage-biscuit and orange juice.  (try it).

Doritos & pretzels washed down with Sprite.

> Roger's powerful voice and Pete's sweet  voice just go together.  I'd like
to hear more of that
> before I die.

You will, brother, you will.

Jim M

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