Cavaliers season = A Quick One

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at
Sat Apr 23 12:40:43 CDT 2005

>Scott Schrade
>Cavaliers season = A Quick One
>> That's hialrious.  I hadn't heard that before.  I always wondered what 
>> that
>> was supposed to mean.
>Really?  I remembered being a bit puzzled when I first heard it but I think
>I read the story about it soon afterwards.

Like, in the *liner* notes? (!)     ;-)
Pete's also told the story in an interview or two....

>And, imagine if the real cellos had always been there - and you then heard
>it with the spoken cellos.  How would you feel then?

Like I was listening to Petra Hayden?
I'd probably cry and whine, like a little whiney cry-baby needing a 

Kevin in VT

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