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Sat Apr 23 09:06:26 CDT 2005

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> um, if pete announces a solo's a solo album. not a who album.
> get it?

Thanks for clearing that up.

> i'd feel better if pete releases a solo album, although if he does, alot
> of you out there will start whining, "what about that who album you
> promised?" like little whiny bratty babies who deserve to be spanked.. ; )

My point, Ernie, is that if Pete's going to write music, I'd just as soon 
hear Roger sing it.  Anybody worried about whether it's "The Who" or whether 
it will live up to what they've done before is cheating themselves.  If you 
think that Pete is still capable of writing music worth listening to, and by 
your answer you do, then any problem you have with a WHO2 album is just 
sentimental nonsense.  Pete can still write.  Roger can still sing.  That's 
not going to be true much longer.  Let's hear what *they've* got to say now 
and not worry about what they were 30 years ago.

Jim M 

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