Jon dumps fuel on fire

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Fri Apr 22 21:55:25 CDT 2005

"I think the real problem here is that Jo just doesn't like the Who as much  
as you do."

Jon in MI.


HAHAHA!!!!  Man, is that heaping wood on the fire!  I'd say Jo might be a 
bigger fan than I, at least in pure knowledge and experience.  However, I don't 
think any band could possibly mean more to a person than The Who does to me.  

Just a few years ago I went through the worst time in my life, and The Who 
was there for me.  Specifically, Roger and Pete went ahead with the tour when 
that basically was all I had to look forward to.  I would not have made such a 
strong emotional recovery had it not been for The Who and that tour.  They 
helped me bring myself back when I'm not sure anyone else could.  There are no 
ifs, ands or buts about it.  I will forever be grateful to The Who for what the 
band has done for me, even if they don't realize it.

I'm sure many here have had similar experiences with the band as I have.  I'd 
be interested in hearing about them?


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