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> >>That's nice.  But, he's got the rest of his life to write a book.  If
> album doesn't happen soon, it's never going to happen.<<
> I don't want to sound trite here, but nobody's guaranteed another day on
> planet. If Pete wants to do the book now, then he should do the book now.

Right, and if he *doesn't* want to do the album, he should stop saying he

> I can only draw these conclusions...Pete's OTHER projects are more
> to him than is any WHO2 album. I'm with Scott...I'd rather read the
> than hear a Who2 album. I'd rather see live Who on DVD from their younger

Why should we need to make that choice?  Why would *any* Who activity stand
in the way of archival releases?  Why isn't *all* quality footage available
by now?  In lieu of new material, wouldn't that have been ideal promotion
for the last two tours?

>, I'm sorry, but that's an embarrassing song.

I liked it.  A few days ago, I heard the start of Can't Help Falling in Love
and my ears pricked up, like they do when you hear a Who song in public.
Then I realized it was Elvis!

>  Forgive me, but if the WHO2 album really, really, really mattered to
Pete, he'd throw himself
> into it.

That's fair.

> He wouldn't hand off performance duties to his brother.

That's not.  He isn't.  Not performance, anyway.

Jim M

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