Cavaliers season = A Quick One

Jim M NakedI at
Fri Apr 22 09:58:04 CDT 2005

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> Really?  I remembered being a bit puzzled when I first heard it but I 
> think
> I read the story about it soon afterwards.

Note to self: Must start reading.  Actually, not that long ago I wasn't sure 
if they were saying "Cello" or "Jello" (seemed unlikely) or "Tell him."

> And imagine if they ever tried to "correct" that - how mad some Who fans
> would get!  "They took out the spoken cellos & replaced 'em with real 
> ones!
> Those bastards!  Goddamn Astley!"

Funny, that was my first thought.  Why not put that on one of these 

> And, imagine if the real cellos had always been there - and you then heard
> it with the spoken cellos.  How would you feel then?

Hey, they probably would have had to do that for the live versions, right? 
I wonder if it would have seemed hokey.

Jim M 

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