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Jim M NakedI at
Fri Apr 22 09:45:29 CDT 2005

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> I'm not *that* indifferent to it.  I'll rush out & buy it on the day it's
> released.  Why wouldn't I?
> I'd rush out & buy a new Townshend solo album, right?.  This might
> be better.

That's my feeling, exactly.  Would those of you who don't think there should 
be another Who album think differently if Pete were talking about a solo 
album?  Wouldn't it be better to have something Pete and Roger both work on, 
even if it does fall far short of things they've done in the past?  How 
could it not, even if Keith and John were both still alive?  That doesn't 
mean it wouldn't be worthwhile.  I'm pretty sure anything Pete writes and 
Roger sings will make me listen.

Jim M

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