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10:30 - 22 April 2005 
In a surprising twist many of rock legend John
Entwistle's beloved belongings will return to his
former home Quarwood.

Yvia ten Bos, the new owner of the mansion at
Stow-on-the-Wold, out-bid many of the 500-plus punters
packing a seven-and-a-half hour auction of The Who
bassist's collection. Yvia, married to millionaire
Piet Pulford, bid for items ranging from an elephant
statue to a set of six Louis XV-style salon chairs,
bookcases and wardrobes, and contributed to the sale's
£123,000 total.

She said: "I'm not doing this because it was John
Entwistle's. This was just an opportunity for a
bargain - although I'm still shaking."

Entwistle's son Chris, who couldn't bear to part with
childhood memories, bought a marble-topped backgammon
set, on which he was taught the game, and a drum

It was a sale without any reserve prices and every lot

Graham Dodridge, from Upper Slaughter, paid £1,500 for
the famous Pinball Wizard machine.

The 40-year-old said: "I didn't come with that in mind
- I wanted the football table - but I'll have some fun
with it."

Graham, who has two sons, Oscar five, and Alfie,
three, and one on the way, added: "I might have to
call my third child Tommy."

It was standing room only as auctioneers Martin
Lambert and Charles Arkell, from Humberts with Tayler
and Fletcher, got into the swing at the Frogmill Hotel
in Andoversford.

The temperature rose as lots went under the hammer,
mobiles buzzed and bids flew in from all over the

One of the highest sums was shelled out by John
Stokes, who lives in Andorra and has a house in

He bid £3,600 for a glazed watercolour, gouache and
collage Pinball Wizard, bought two antelope horn
sculptures for £520 and a red leather sculpture for

Delighted with the artwork, he said: "It's so unusual
- it'll be in my hall.

"I love The Who and John Entwistle made The Who."

Miles Hobbs, from Norfolk, bought one of two plastic
skeletons for £220.

The bassist used to hide them in beds and cupboards to
scare guests.

Miles, 38, said: "I'm thrilled to bits and I'm going
to have some fun round my house.

"It'll scare the hell out of my eight-year-old

"I've been listening to The Who for 35 years and this
is a wonderful opportunity to own part of his life."

Self-confessed eccentric Tina Ashington, from
Withington, bought a full-sized replica Crown Jewels
set for £440.

She said: "I collect bears and the crown's going on a
life-sized bear.

"I feel privileged to share in someone's life

John Ware, from Cheltenham, paid £80 for a box of CDs
and DVDs, which contained a valuable test sample.

The 51-year-old said: "I went to concerts in the 70s.
When I knew the auction was coming up I couldn't not
have a go.

"I was trying to get a guitar strap for my son
Barnaby, because he plays in a band."

As the last lot sold, an exhausted and hoarse Martin
Lambert said: "It's been a real rock 'n' roll ride for
me. This sale's gone exceptionally well."

-Brian in Atlanta
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