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Who star's £123k collection sold
By Richard Smith

ROCK fans snapped up a piece of the weird world of The
Who bassist John Entwistle at auction yesterday.

A life-size fibreglass and plastic suit of armour, two
fake skeletons and a naked troll metronome were among
754 lots reflecting the life of a "man who collected
everything" and which raised £123,000.

Entwistle, known as The Ox, died of a heart attack
after a cocaine-fuelled romp with a stripper in a Las
Vegas hotel in June 2002.

He left behind Quarwood, a 52-room Cotswolds mansion
filled with the bizarre and mundane picked up during
his life of excess.

The skeletons, which Entwistle used to play pranks on
guests, fetched £200 and £220.

The model of Henry VIII's armour raised £900 and a
leather art sculpture of a male torso £2,200.

An alien rock band made £580, a snakeskin tambourine
£160 and a microphone presented to The Who at an
awards poll in 1975 made £480.

John Stokes, 58, travelled from Andorra and bought the
alien rock band and torso. He said: "Many lots had a
real Entwistle strangeness... some stuff is awful but
some is unusual, strange and beautiful."

A pinball machine, significant because Pinball Wizard
was among The Who's biggest hits, fetched £1,500.
Buyer Graham Dodridge, 40, said: "I didn't come to buy
it, but it seemed a good deal."

A model of a rattlesnake, a replica Crown Jewels set,
a bust of Princess Anne, a polar bear rug, a musical
Grim Reaper model and Ally McBeal videos were all

A tortoise-shaped ashtray, a gold-plated spider
brooch, a baby grand piano and even a red Corby
trouser press went. Quarwood's new owner, Yvia ten
Bos, bought several lots.

Around 400 people were at the sale at the Frogmill
Hotel in Andoversford, Glos. Auctioneer Martin Lambert
said: "It's been a real rock 'n roll ride. Every lot

Entwistle's son Chris, 33, said: "Dad collected
everything under the sun and it's sad to see this
stuff go, but we've got no room for it."

-Brian in Atlanta
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